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JackJaw 203 - JJ0203

JackJaw 203 - JJ0203
T Fence Post Puller Fence Post Puller - JackJaw 203 T Post Puller - JackJaw 203

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Not like the T post pullers sold in the big box stores....this one works!  Yes, the JackJaw® T post puller does cost more.  It has more steel parts and uses a new patented way to pull your posts.  After you try it, you will love it!  And, you will throw your old pullers in the trash. We guarantee you will love it, or we will refund your money!  This is the prime solution for your T post pulling needs, no matter the size of the job.  Whether you need to pull a few posts around your vegetable garden, 100 snow fence posts, or 1,000 posts around the cattle, this is the post puller for the job.  At only 18lbs it is easy to carry around the farm or jobsite.

The JackJaw®203 T post puller with it’s horizontal base is optimized for “T” post extractionJackJaw® post pullers pull posts straight up out of the ground without bending them.  A 50lb push on the handle generates a massive 1050lbs of gripping force and a 450lb upward breakout force on the post. This tremendous leverage prevents operator back injuries.  Because it helps eliminate back injuries, it may also help you lower your worker's compensation EMR.  With the easy assembly, capabilities for mobility and ease of use, the JackJaw®203 stands out as the premier T post puller in the market.

Stake width / Grip Width is 1/8" to 3/4" 

The patented JackJaw® 203 T post puller is assembled in Dayton, Ohio using US manufactured jaws and hardware. The heavy gauge steel plate and tubing, which is made to withstand everyday job site use, is manufactured in China. The easily replaceable US made jaws are case hardened AR400 steel for long wear. No paint to chip. JackJaw® units have a zinc and clear chromate plating for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance.

Item # JJ0203
Weight 22.00 lbs
Our price: $195.00
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