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JackJaw 511 - JJ0511

JackJaw 511 - JJ0511
JJ0504 on square sign post JJ0504 on board when soft conditions

The JackJaw®511 Super Puller is the fast, easy and safe way to extract square sign posts (3 1/4”  - 3 1/2”) from hard conditions.  These hard conditions generally result from tight kalichi clay (found in Arizona) or frozen ground. This puller extracts sign posts straight out of any surface. This rugged all steel puller weighs 34 pounds.  It’s patented jaw mechanism provides a positive grip that prevents back and shoulder strain that results from the whiplash of other pullers.  The sturdy lever arm gives you a 28 to 1 mechanical advantage.  A 100lb down force on the handle generates a 2800lb upward force and a 5600lb gripping force on the post.  The mechanical advantage is 20 to 1 when the handle is retracted. Tilted posts?  No problem!  Just lean the JackJaw® to align with the post.

Item # JJ0511
Weight 41.00 lbs
Our price: $600.00
Stake Adapter - AC0009
Stake Adapter - AC0009

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